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absitively's Journal

A(bsolutely) Splendiferous
This is a fandom journal of a girl. Just a girl, who like fandom and oversharing some of my rl. She doesn't really write, she isn't really even online all that often. But she does try to read everybody's posts and comment and generally tries to actually be a part of fandom. Unfortunately, she does have a limited amount of time, and doesn't post a lot.

She rambles about everything from fashion and models, to Harry Potter, to racism, to what happened this morning, although most of this happens in comments. She's generally interested in a bit of everything, and has a penchant for random trivia.

Really, She's just a girl from California, trying to figure out what to do with life and its lemons, and obsessing over Harry Potter and bandslash along the way.

And she decided to write her introduction in third person just because she could.

just, FYI, for those who are concerned: I am 19.